You have enough to think about when you are running a business without having to be concerned about the business templates you will need. We offer the business templates you must have for all facets of your company.

They can be easily downloaded to your computer so that they are ready when you need them.

The employment contract template can be used for full or part time employees or for permanent or seasonal employees. We have hired a solicitor to draft the templates so you don’t have to. This gives you the peace of mind that you want knowing that a solicitor familiar with the laws of the UK is protecting your rights and those of your employees. Also, sec whistleblower could not make any problems to you either.

The employment contract template can be saved to your computer using one of the two formats that we offer. You can also use your own control panel on our web site that you automatically get when you purchase your template documents from us. This allows you to manage the templates online without using your computer disk space. When you buy the employment contract template from us you will receive any updates that may be necessary free of charge. Our template is customizable if you need to add something specific for your business needs.

There are all the standard clauses that the laws of the UK require in an employment contract so you can purchase with confidence.

However, you can add any additional clauses that may pertain to your business needs so you have a flexible template. All you need to do to add the additional editing is look for the square brackets that show the relevant parts of the content. We have added a preview feature so that you can see your employment contract template before it is printed. This ensures that you have completed all the parts necessary for the template.

In the UK, you as the business owner must give to all of your employees an employment contract. They give you a period of two months in which to do this. So once you have hired your employee you can go to your computer or your online management center and get the template ready. This lets you meet the two month deadline without any hassles or stress. It will be there at your fingertips and for a reasonable price. Since you can use the template over and over again you will be saving your company money and time.

For the first two months of employment you can cover some of your obligation with a summary of the basic terms of employment for your new employees. This can be done through the Job Letter Offer that you can also find on our web site. The job letter can contain the pertinent details of employment until you have the employment contract template ready. Many businesses find that this two month period can be used as the probationary period for all new employees. If an employer wishes to extend the probationary time it can then be put into writing in the employee contract template. Generally a probationary period can run up to six months if the employer desires it.

While this template works well for general employees, if you need one for your directors or principals in the business we recommend a different template. The executive contract of employment template would be better suited for this purpose.